The videos here are from YouTube, and are all of Alex Webster competing in Group S Historic events and Porsche Club of Victoria events in the past. These are regularly updated and provide some great racing footage… Enjoy!

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This is the 3rd race from the Winton Historics. This was a handicap race, and I started from the rear of the grid passing 12 cars to finish 6th.

Race 1 from the Winton Historics Short Track 2008. This was my first outright win after qualifying in

This is the rear view as that was where all the action was!

This is the 3rd Race from Group S at the Phillip Island Historics in 2008. A great race that sees some great dices with all types of cars.

This is the Qualifying for Regularity at the Phillip Island Historics in 2008.
In all, Alex passed about 30 cars… Great footage!

Race 2 at the 2007 Sandown Historics in Group S, a great start and dice with Peter Whitten. Alex pulled off a massive risky pass on the back straight, and just held on!

Race 1 at the Winton Historics (Long Track) from 2007. A crazy start that saw cars going overwhere, but a great dice with the MG and the 240Z

The Handicap Race at the Winton Historics (Short Track) in 2007. A crash on the 3rd lap, saw Alex pick up some places, and then get pipped on the start finish for a top 5 finish.

This is a video of Alex’s footwork from a standing start at Sandown Raceway at a Porsche Club of Victoria day. Good to watch!

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